It’s how to get a job in advertising or design.

Ignition is fantastic opportunity for students to get a foothold in the creative industry. Throughout the years it has helped many successful young creatives land their first jobs. In fact, last year, almost all our students landed a job at the end of the course.

The goal of Ignition is to provide a bridge between learning and earning. It is open to final year students in advertising or design at Holmesglen, Billy Blue, RMIT, and Swinburne and design at Holmesglen/Canberra, RMIT, Monash and Swinburne.

The course runs approximately 3 months, between August and October and includes lectures from pre-eminent creative directors, designers and acclaimed achievers in all aspects of the creative process. Each student is allocated a tutor/mentor to guide them through the course; these are senior creatives from advertising and design agencies. The cost of the course is $500 + GST.

Students are also given three creative briefs to answer. At the end of the course four students (at least) will be given paid internships lasting three months at Melbourne agencies.

This year, the course is being run by John Akritidis (advertising), Damian Kelly (design) and Sally Brownbill.
If you have any other questions please email one of the above program coordinators: